Google Chrome starts blocking annoying ads from websites

Google tackles bad ads

Following multinational technology company, Google's announcement in June previous year about a new feature that will remove "intrusive" ads, users can now finally say goodbye to these ads, reports The Verge.

If it does, Chrome will cross-check the content on the page with data provided by the EasyList filter rules and its own AdSense and DoubleClick database to analyse whether anything correlates with ad-related URL patterns it holds. Site owners can also see more detailed results, such as the specific violations of the Better Ads Standards that were found, via the Ad Experience Report in Google's Search Console.

If they can improve the quality of adverts online by blocking the intrusive ones then users are less likely to go out of their way to install more severe ad blockers that remove all advertising from websites. Others pay a flat amount, regardless of clicks or impressions. Blocking ads is now a little easier, though, thanks to Chrome's new ad-blocker. Additionally, 48 percent of respondents strongly agree that online ads are more intrusive today than two to three years ago.

As one of the major players in online advertising it might seem surprising that Google is introducing its own ad filtering feature to Chrome.

Websites that continue to use these ads after warnings will have all their ads blocked on Chrome. If the website fails to comply within 30 days from notice and make the suggested changes, Google will block the ads by default. Any ads deemed highly disruptive will be automatically blocked, including pop-ups, ads with a countdown, auto-play video ads with sound, sticky ads and more.

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Sites that have already altered the ads they show after being warned by Google include the LA Times and the Chicago Tribune. Given that advertising provides nearly all of Google's revenue, around 87 percent of it, it was never going to stop all adverts.

Some critics argue that Google's new ad-blocking technology will serve as just another way to cement its dominance in the digital ad duopoly that exists between it and Facebook.

Starting on February 15, 2018, your Chrome browser will start blocking ads that don't meet the standards set by the Coalition for Better Ads.

About 50 percent of Americans access the internet through Chrome.

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